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Alpine, Coupe and Saloon

Since 1978 and for the last 25 years we have been involved in the ownership and restoration of these cars.
  As mentioned we have been responsible for the constant flow of Alpines, Saloons and Coupe`s through the workshop restored to a very high standard. Of course we under take full or part restorations and refurbishment on all models and makes of cars.
  Most of the Sunbeam Talbots by now will benefit from a chassis up restoration and this is the most cost effective approach if a little more expensive initially but it does sort out all the problems improving long term reliability and stabilize the whole cars condition. With the body off approach, where appropriate, we have the bodyshell and panels blast cleaned by a specialist in this type of work. It is primed ready for repair and most non-structural repairs are done whilst the bodyshell is off.
  The main structure is refitted and realigned with all the panels, grille etc. and checked for dimensions and fit, braced accordingly and is then repaired to meet the original method of construction. The body is then either removed to paint or completed in situ. Rust proofing is then carried out after painting.  Whilst the shell is off the chassis is stripped, blast cleaned and any repairs carried out, then hot zinc sprayed. After this a process of priming  and a durable top coat is applied, then the chassis is rust proofed
  Most of the cars by now will require a new wiring loom and represent a serious fire hazard, the new loom is put in at this stage. As parts are replaced they are either reconditioned or renewed as required. This approach we have is the backbone of reliability and preservation, compared to a " just patch it up and keep it going" ideal is false economy. It invariably costs more and just puts off the inevitable rebuild at the current costs of labour and parts. Of course our approach is not the cheapest but we feel it offers better value longterm.
  We can also offer a paintwork and full re-trimming service to customers and where possible with modern pigments we strive to match the original paintwork colours. With our re-trimming service we use Connolly leather as its quality can be relied upon, and the best quality carpet and materials are used throughout.  

A selection of the accessories available


Advert in the 'Motor' magazine April 1949 for Sunbeam Talbot Cars.


Sunbeam Talbot Line up.


OHP 317 My car after restoration showing off the clean lines of the Alpine


Completed Saloon for an overseas customer.


Sunbeam Talbot Coupe Mk3 YKE 155 after restoration.

Sunbeam Talbot 90 Saloon



Sales brochure for the Alpine Mk3 in Coronation Red

Alpine NRM 729 after restoration

Alpine NRM 729 Again


Alpine has a starring role in film.

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