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Project Diary

This page is designed to enable you to follow a restoration project on this Sunbeam Alpine from start to finish through text and pictures.

This is how the project car may have looked when first delivered

The Sunbeam Talbot Alpines were built from 1953 to 1955 and around 3000 examples were produced most going for export and so by now are a rare car. there are two distinct models Mark 1 and the Mark 3, the main difference being in the engine improvements. There is also the Alpine Special which has tuning and mechanical improvements that the works Rally cars were based on, making these cars even rarer. The bodies were built by Mulliners of Birmingham and returned to Ryton on Dunsmore for final assembly. This car was built in October 1953 as a Coronation Red car extra light fawn interior and sold in May 1954 to a titled owner in the Grimsby area. As you can see it is in an advanced state of decay and because it has been blast cleaned and not primed we will stabilise it`s condition by a gentle blast cleaning before any further work is carried out. The main areas to look for in all the models in this range are the sills, floors, rear wheelarches and spare wheel compartment floor all of which have been badly affected or are non-existant in this case. front wings although bolt on are also prone to rusting but on this car are in remarkably good condition. The chassis usually suffers with spring hanger corrosion so blasting will reveal any weaknesses so although a start on the chassis had been made, some repairs will have to be done again so we will strip it and go through our blast cleaning and hot zinc spray / painting process.
 Because the body has already lost its critical dimensions we will remove it in two pieces so the work on the chassis can be carried out to a restored rolling state, before reuniting it with the body for the dimensioning process.
This is our initial approach so come back from time to time to watch the  project grow.  

Project Update  May 2009
The shell has now been low pressure blasted and primed prior to the chassis work,to stabilise its condition. A floor pan has also been blasted and will form part of the rusted and missing sections and dimension the cars rear half.


Project Update November 2009

As a result of our club S.T.A.R needing a rolling chassis exhibit for the November 2009 Classic Motor Show the chassis has been repaired and then blast cleaned and hot zinc sprayed. The suspension parts and axle tube were also blast cleaned and then primed, with all the components then receiving a coat of durable black commercial transport paint. 
The wheels were also  blast cleaned after tyre removal and sprayed in the final colour of the car, Sapphire Blue, radial tyres were then fitted.
Due to the fact the car has lost its original engine and gained a Mark 3 engine and many later features it will be rebuilt in Mark 3 guise so all the appropriate parts were cleaned and rebuilt to represent this.
For display an original column change gearbox was fitted but eventually it will have a Hunter conversion, floor change box.
The next process will be re-siting the body onto the chassis to recover all the dimensions before repair.








 Project Update April 2017


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