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Commer - Karrier

Looking for a Rootes Commercial to use in connection with my business and needing more than just a car derived van, I began looking at the BF range. So far three examples have been aquired in different arrangements, with the intention of using the van in its proper role.

The Commer / Karrier BF range filled the gap between the Cob and Husky and the Bantam and Gamecock light Commercials, mostly remembered for the Mr Whippy ice cream vans. It appears that Commers were mostly completed in-house van versions with the Karriers being supplied as chassis cabs for a variety of special uses with bespoke coachwork. 


Commer BF Van
This van spent most of its life in Kent with its history a little vague but was possibly used latterly as a produce delivery van for a small market garden. It is fitted with the Rootes light diesel engine which is an uncommon version. Again it has been off the road for many years and although not in bad condition other than the obvious need of a repaint there are some tricky areas of corrosion to deal with mainly on the roof to side panel join, to name one.
It is hoped to repaint it in the style of the Rootes Service vans.
The third version is in poor condition and although a van it will be converted to a chassis cab because of the terrible condition of the body, this leaves an opportunity for a bespoke coachbuilt body to be added with its eventual sale.

Commer BF van


As with my Ash framing and Coachbuilding side of my business we can offer bespoke coachwork on commercials as well as on a whole range of vehicles.

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